Monday, May 17, 2010

Summer days!

I wish everyday was like today! It was gorgeous out! I just seem to have more energy on these days! And the boys are always way happier! Im just in a good mood all around. I had thought about heading to the zoo today but it was actually too warm for that. Ill save it for a day when its only like 19 degrees or something. We just hang out at home in the sandbox. We had the kiddie pool set up but the boys wanted sand today. This was Owens first time in the sand box and he loved it. He even had to eat some sand. But Owen loves doing anything that Jaxon is doing.
Jaxon told me today that he loves beautiful days... but not winter. He is definately my son!



Another highlight... Tim went out tonight and bought us a play structure. YAY! So now he just needs to put it all together. YAY! I dont know who is more excited... me or the boys!
I had my first RS meeting meeting last night... man oh man I hope Im up for this! YIKES
I made yummy cupcakes today. Blondie ones... so good... but I feel bad for Trevor who couldnt have any because of the nuts... so tomorrow Ill bake a special treat just for him! Sorry again Trevor!
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