Thursday, May 13, 2010

I Love Summer

The weather has been really nice here in Edmonton the last couple of days! It almost feels like summer! We have been busy checking out all the parks around Beaumont. Jaxon loves the swings and getting "under the ducks" as he calls them. Owen likes the swings alot too. I think tomorrow we are heading over to West Eddy. Which will be fun!
I have started to miss having my scrapbookingstuff around. I miss doing cards and getting caught up on my scrapbooks! Looks like I will have a crafty week when I get back, if I have time that is. Looking ahead it looks like I have a busy week to welcome me home. Oh well being busy makes the days go by faster.
We tried out a wonderful recipe last night for dinner. It was a turkey meatball sub. There are some things Id change about it of course but It was really yummy. Tonight is Pad Thai... I love food!
Im super excited for CSi tonight! Ill be super bugged it Ray isnt Dr Jekyll! Im always so sad when seasons come to an end, but I love Season Finales.
I also went clothes shopping! HOORAY! I spent way too much but I love new clothes!

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