Monday, May 31, 2010

3 Poopy Pants day

Well today was one of those sum it up Owen had 3 poopy pants... all you moms out there now know the kind of day I am talking about. My dad started off really great. Jaxon slept through the night again. We have him sleeping on his Cars air matress in our room and when he does that he sleeps through the night. I love it. He even slept in until 8am today... dont get too excited though... Owen was up twice in the night and woke up shortly after 7am. Why cant both my children get on the same sleeping schedule??? Once everyone was ready for the day we headed off to Walmart both boys were angels. Jaxon was excited to get a new car. He even found a forklift just like his buddy Corbin has and so our day has been filled with talk of Corbin. There was no rain today but no sun either. It was chilly but we still went out to the sandbox... for a few minutes at least. Then the boys came in and both slept the afternoon away. At first you will think that is a good thing... but that means Ill be up until midnight or so since they wont want to go to bed tonight. Tim was late coming home... again. Its always something. I love cooking. LOVE IT... but I have a hard time cooking when its just me... so its been a struggle. Tim leaves for work well before breakfast and doesn't come home until after dinner... Jaxon doesn't always like what is for dinner and Owen is too little to eat... so most days its like "Whats the point?"
Oh and Tim tells me he wants to put Jaxon back in his big bed tonight which means... no sleeping through the night for us tonight.
and now for some reason my type is underlined!!
So there you have it... a typical day in the life of me. 3 Poopy pants later!

Owen has also started opening cupboards... but he ALWAYS seems to slam them on his fingers. Poor kid.
Jaxon slept in his big boy underwear for the first time last night. YAY no accidents! We had also put the little training potty away and are just having Jaxon use the big potty. He still protest everytime he goes but Im sure that will pass by tomorrow. I dunno why he insists on using his little potty on the main floor since upstairs and at my moms house he will use a regular potty no problem. Funny boy.
Today is Monday so that means Family Home Evening. We had a lesson on respect. We had to match up different actions has either being respectful or disrespectful. Jaxon did really well. So now I guess we just need to see him apply it!
Another great thing about Mondays... TOP CHEF MASTERS. I love it! Today was all about tailgating. It made me hungry. I wish I was a chef. Add that to the list right?!?! I love Tailgating food... Don't you?? What's your favorite Tailgate food??
Oh yeah and I did notice that after the picture my type is no longer underlined... I dunno what happened... but Im not too concerned.
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Ashley said...

When you click on the underlined words it zooms in on your picture too. ummm, I have never been tailgating (weird). We should do that, have a pretend tail gate party. lol. or just bbq.

Tim, Amanda, Jaxon & Owen said...


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