Wednesday, May 12, 2010

So much to do!

   Life is always so busy here in Edmonton. But its great. My Boys sleep wonderfully out here! It was a bit of a rough night for me... I'm super sick... just a cold and a crazy sore throat... I'm hoping the boys don't get it.
  So what have we been up to??? Well... We took Jaxon (and Owen) to Chuck E Cheese's. He loved it. I told him as long as he doesn't have any accidents we will go again. And it seems to be working. I think its safe to say we are potty trained now. HOORAY!
   We went to Chapters too and I bought 5 new books.. the first 4 Percy Jackson books (the 5th is only hardcover and I'm not willing to spend that much on a hardcover) and the Boy in the striped Pajamas... I'm super excited to read them! I love books!
  Yesterday was Papas birthday! Happy Birthday Papa! Jaxon said we all had to hide and then jump out and say Surprise! I think he got that idea from Ashley's party since I hate surprise parties and so have never done one but hers. I'm too much of a planner to like Surprises myself!
  Mama was sweet enough to watch Owen and I was able to take Jaxon swimming. It was awesome to spend some one on one time with him. Swimming was fun too. Jaxon was counting links on the lane ropes and counted to 29 by himself and then counted all the way to 100 only with help on the tens... after 29 comes 30 after 39 comes 40. But the Impressive part to me was that he counted backwards from 100 too with the help on the tens again. OH and he also wrote a J in the tub last night. Super smart kid I have here..
  So I'm going to try and post a picture here... but I dunno how so if I post with out a pic you know I couldn't figure it out... but if there is one then YAY ME

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