Saturday, May 1, 2010

I love Saturdays

Now this is how Saturdays are supposed to go. The kids slept pretty good at night... I had a bath in the morning (YAY) and then we just hung out and did little chores all morning. We took the kids swimming in the afternoon and had Boston Pizza for dinner. LOVE IT! The only hiccup was that we went to the Okotoks pool and it was closed today.. so we had to drive back into calgary and go to Southland.
We also looked at Play structures for the backyard... but since we have such a little backyard Tim is thinking he will make one that will fit. PLEASE DO IT FAST SWEETIE...
Now its bedtime... stories for Jax and hopefully he will doze off soon. Here is a pic of Owen holding his favorite toy... his maraca... he loves all sorts of Music.
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