Monday, May 24, 2010

Ode to My Sister

We got to spend the weekend with Rachel. HOORAY The Boys were thrilled. She is such a great auntie. She really loves my boys. It was super fun to spend time with her... even though we arent the most exciting bunch. Sorry Rachel. We took turns kicking each others butts in Phase 10 and Scrabble. But Im pretty sure I won the Princess of Power title there. We were in bed around 10 or shortly there after... yeah look at us... we are party animals. Rachel kept on saying "Thats ok Im trying to keep my hours on Hamilton time anyways" But I think she was just humouring us. She was up around 7 every morning with us though. So much for a quiet weekend eh Rachy. She had to leave this evening... sad day here!
This is Jaxon in his birthday present from Rachel. She had a shirt made for him. Its a scene from Thomas' Snowsuit (his favorite) on the front and on the back it reads "Robert Munsch's Biggest Fan" Even though Im pretty sure Im Mr Munsch's biggest fan Ill let Jaxon wear it with Pride. HOORAY FOR ROBERT MUNSCH.
Tim was surprisingly Productive this weekend. (Thats so unlike him!... no really it is) He put together the play structure and put on the lettering on the toy chest and the new art in my kitchen. He even got started on getting the speakers mounted on the wall. YAY!
So we are thinking of enlarging our backyard. We are toying with the idea of sodding over half of the parking pad. Yes we have two cars but tim usually parks out front... so its sorta wasted space. Plus with Two overly active boys we need all the running/climbing room we can get.
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