Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I want to hold Owen

Lately Jaxon loves holding Owen. He always wants to hold him and wrestle him. Owen loves any attention that Jaxon gives him. Its pretty fun watching them play together.
Owen's teeth are so close to being in. I pray every day that they show up... he is miserable! Well as miserable as Owen ever is. Owen has also started crawling on his feet... he doesnt like being on his knees so he uses his feet... I wonder how long until he walks... hmmm... my life is going to get crazy!
So does anyone have any ideas as to where the spring weather is??? I was carrying Jaxon to the car today and he said "I hate winter" Me too... he then asked to move some place warm. I think thats a great Idea buddy!
Tim got his marks back today and he passed! YAY... so now he has only one more class to take in Sept. and then hopefully he will be done for a while. Hooray for me when that happens!

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Ashley said...

Hey Thankx. BTW your boys are so cute.

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