Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Wishing for Warmer days

These pictures were taken a month ago... on conference weekend. I was freezing then. I remember wishing for warmer weather then... if only I knew what was coming. Today I'm wishing it was at least as warm as it was on this day. BOO SNOW.

Today Jaxon got his hair cut. (are you happy auntie Rachel???) He looks way too grown up for my liking. Where did my little boy go... today he was such a little man. He has been such a good boy today. We both have cabin fever but neither one of us wanted to go outside. Owen has had a rough day... still no teeth.
Today was also McHappy day... so we celebrated by eating Happy meals. Jaxon loves them and ate the entire thing. I think he must be growing.
I'm starting to try and come up with fun Enrichment ideas... since that's my new calling... I'm trying really hard to be excited about it! So anyone out there have any great ideas???
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Ashley said...

If only we had known a week ago when it was really nice that this was coming. There would have been BBQ every night and camping in the yard, well maybe your yard mine is a bog.

You know what would be fun. a mini drive in movie. hmmm.

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