Sunday, May 9, 2010

Day out with Thomas

I don't have the pictures on the computer yet but Ill work on that. But I wanted to post an update. Yesterday we took the boys to Heritage Park for Day out with Thomas.We got to go with our bestest buddies the Smiths. It was a lot of fun. It was just a tad chilly but it was still a great morning. We got to ride Thomas the tank engine and do mazes and have a wagon ride and even find a Hiro train for Jaxon's train set. Plus we learned that there is a new Thomas Movie coming to Theaters in Sept... so now we have a date to take Jaxon to his first movie theater in Sept. Cant wait!
  Now we are in Edmonton...well Tim is in Calgary but me and the boys are up here. HAHAHA no snow here suckers back home. We have lots of fun things planned. We are currently doing Laundry... which Jaxon loves. Tomorrow we will go swimming and to Chuck E. Cheese. We also need to go to Chapters and the library and maybe the used book store this week. Plus lots and lots of swimming! We are going to have so much fun! As an added bonus Uncle Kris is coming in tonight! Jaxon will be thrilled to be uncle Kris. He loves when my brother chases him!

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