Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Today was my birthday! It was a really great day! I spent the morning making Invites to the RS thing we have coming up with my friend Chelsea (and it was actually really fun, even though it was my birthday) Then I had McDonalds for Lunch with Jaxon and then BPs for dinner and my Sweet Steffy watch the boys so me and Tim could have Ice cream and go pick out my gift. Then my partner in Crime Ashley stopped by to drop off a little gift too! I have the sweetest friends! I am so blessed.
Jaxon was an extra good boy today for me which was the best present ever! He kept on giving me hugs and smooches. I just love him! Owen gave me two nice long naps... another great gift. Tim got me a netbook. I was going to do a laptop but I liked the small size on the netbooks better and really they will work for what I need/want/know how to do on a computer. Im super excited! Its red and I got a pink travel case. LOVE IT!
Anyways... Here are some pictures from Day out with Thomas. Sorry it took me a while to get them on here. It was such a fun time. This is also a tribute to the Smiths... I dunno what we would do without you guys. Jaxon has gone almost 2 weeks without seeing Sammy and Elizabeth and he is going nuts! He misses them so much. Im glad that we live so close!

All the kids on the train

Family shot with Thomas
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Ashley said...

I'm just lucky that this two week stretch I had my kids gone on the second week instead of the first one. That way I don't have to listen to the "Can we play with Jaxon mom please please please please please"

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