Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hot Wheels Heaven

In case you were unaware... Our house is a hot wheels heaven. Jaxon LOVES hot wheels. He will play with them for hours everyday. We use them as prizes... when he is good in the store he gets a new one... before he was potty trained he would get one as potty prizes. The best part is they are crazy cheap... only a dollar. But its getting harder to find ones we dont already have. When we go to the store Jaxon knows exactly which ones we already have. We currently have around the 150 mark. But Jaxon got super excited while playing with Corbin's cars because he had ones that he didn't. Jaxon is now on the look out for a hot wheels Garbage truck and forklift.
Jaxon has passed on his passion for cars to Owen. Owen loves playing with anything that Jaxon plays with so for the most part that means Hot Wheels!
One day Owen crawled right into the Hot Wheels drawer. (yes that drawer is entirely full of Hot Wheels) I think it hurt his knees has he tried to crawl out!

Today we had a special Nation wide conference for church. What I saw of it was really good. But I didnt see much because 2 hours is a long time in Jaxon time. So much of my time was in the hall. I am now toying with the idea of getting some Quiet books made up for him and Owen.
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