Friday, May 28, 2010

Bride Wars

   Today was a great day. I wasn't looking forward to another TV day with Jaxon but really couldn't think of anything to do today. But good news for us our friends Chelsea and Corbin and Berkley Sheer called and wanted us to come and play. Jaxon had so much fun! And I think Chelsea is pretty cool too so it was fun for me too! I work with Chelsea in the Relief Society, Im loving getting to know her and think we are in the same mind set. She is also a great mom. Everytime I spend time with her I have a renewed desire to be more patient and happy with my children. YAY Chelsea! and YAY Corbin and Berkley! Jaxon truly did have a blast and has been talking about going to the beach all day!
Speaking things I finally watched... Season Finales! Most of the ones I watched were pretty lame. I loved House... CSI NY was good... CSI was extremely lame... Greys was AMAZING... Survivor was retarded! But by far the worst one this season was Bones. I love that show and this has got to be the worst season finale ever... it was sorta like the writers went on summer vacation and left all the interns to write the finale... BOO!
   Playing really wore my boys out today. They both took naps... so I watch a movie. Bride Wars. It was a fun way to kill some time but I wouldn't watch it again. It was pretty predictable.  But I don't get many chances to watch shows not starring Diego or Dora or Spongebob so I still enjoyed myself.

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