Saturday, May 22, 2010

Music Man

Owen really loves music. He dances and sings all the time. I love it. Jaxon was never like this. He sings the songs he learns in Nursery (or from the TV) but he wont dance. Anyways... when we were at Mama and Papa's house a week ago Owen discovered the Piano. He loves it! He now insists on playing it all the time.

Jaxon and Owen playing a duet

Our long weekend has started off really nice. My sister Rachel flew in to visit the boys. They love her! Owen hardly made stange with her at all. Jaxon has been her little shadow... or rather he forces her to be his shadow.
Another highlight... Tim has completed our play structure. Jaxon is beyond thrilled that he has his very own park. Im sure we will be out there all the time now. YAY! Im super excited for this summer! We are going to play all the time! Thanks go to Andrew Sheer for coming and helping set the structure up (and thanks to Chelsea too for giving us Andrew!) and Also Duncan come to help out! THANKS!
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